Flow + Purpose = Bliss

For Things To Improve,
You Must Change.

Change, With Adam Sarhan.

Hi, I'm Adam Sarhan.
I want to help you improve and upgrade your life!
I started with nothing, learned principles that helped me change my life, how to become a self-made millionaire, and how to enter what I call: The Smart Money Circle.
Now I'm here to share what I learned... Something is stopping you from getting ahead.
Let's find it and destroy it!

Do You Want To Find The Best Version Of Yourself?

The Best Athletes Have A Coach.
The Best Actors Have A Coach.
The Best Traders Have A Coach.
You Should Too.

Even Paul Tudor Jones
(One Of The Best Trader's In History) Has Tony Robbins As His Coach For >25 Years!


What Do...
Michael Jordan,
Kobe Bryant,
Paul Tudor Jones,
Lionel Messi,
Tiger Woods,
Roger Federer,
Rafael Nadal,
& All The Best Have In Common?


Most Traders Trade Alone & Can't Beat The Market

Elite Traders Have A Coach & Want To Improve Their Game.

Do You Want To Improve Yours?

Living Is Giving...

I Want To Help You Thrive

I started with nothing and now I'm a self-made millionaire.

I started trading in the 1990's and have successfully navigated several bull and bear markets.

I grew my account by over +1,000% in a few years!

(That means every $1 turned into over $10)

And I want to help you grow yours!

I'm offering personalized 1-on-1 coaching for a handful of elite traders.

The Big Idea Is To Focus on YOU.

We dive deep into your limiting beliefs.

We delete the negative story and create a positive and empowering story.

Then we live by it.

We Find out what's stopping you form getting ahead and crush it!

We create a healthy routine you can follow to give you a structure that is designed to help you avoid the common mistakes most people have such as emotional trading.

We focus on accountability and being intellectually honest - which elevates your thinking to a whole new level.

Learn how to identify and remove the emotional clouds that prevent most people from thinking accurately.

Plus we do post analysis -we review winning and losing trades. We either win, or we learn!

We discuss how to maintain discipline and create emotional guardrails to make sure you are in control, especially when the market doesn't go your way.

Access a powerful likeminded peer group that can help you grow, see your blind spots, and so much more!

Remember, success comes to those who take action NOW.

Book a free session to see if it is a fit.

Coaching Works

No one was there for me when I got started.
That's why I'm here to help you thrive.
Why reinvent the wheel? It makes no sense.
Coaches have a different point of view.
Most people fail in the market because they do not have structure, they do not have accountability, and they keep making the same mistakes over and over again.
I'm here to change that.
Coaching works.
Otherwise The Best Wouldn't Use Coaches.
Remember, if you want things to improve, you have to change.
You need a winning system to change.
Take the first step and book a free session now.

What You Get


Get ahead! Find out what's stopping you from getting ahead. with 1-on-1 zoom calls with Adam.

Weekly Trading Exercise
(A.K.A. "Homework")

Learn how to become proactive with the market.

Create A Proactive State,
(A.K.A. Not A Passive State).

Most investors are in a passive reactive state and are always "missing" big moves. We are here to change that.

Elite Trading Peer Group

Join our elite invitation-only, private community.

Trading Routine

Most people don't have structure. We are here to give you structure you can use week in and week out for the rest of time!

Big Bonus

You have direct access to Adam and is here to help you with whatever topic(s) you want to tackle.

*People benefit from structure. Most traders "wing it" and don't have structure. This program will give you structure.

But Wait...There's More!

Timeless Educational Content, Trading Tools, & 12 1-Hour Zoom Calls With Adam

12 1 Hour Zoom Calls With Adam

Everyone Has Blind Spots. The Zoom Calls Are Designed To Help You Find Them & Give You A Clear Path To Help You Thrive!

Psychological Analysis Video Course

Watch My Video Course On My #1 Best Selling Book: Psychological Analysis. The Course & The Book Combine Fundamental, Technical, & Psychological Analysis Into One Easy To Understand Program.

1 Year Find Leading Stocks Membership $1200 Value

All Coaching Clients Get A Complimentary 10

Market History

“Those Who Do Not Learn History Are Doomed To Repeat It.”
I Will Show You Every Major Bull And Bear Market So You Can Learn From It.


Winning Traders Have Structure. They Don't Win By Accident. They Have Guardrails. They Have A Plan & They Know How To Trade Their Plan.


Winners Know The Importance Of Being Accountable To Themselves & To Others. Unforntatley, Most Traders Don't Have Anyone To Hold Them Accountable. I'm Here To Help.

Identify Your Mental Walls

Ever Do Something and Hit A Wall? Of Course, We All Have! I Describe These In My # 1 Best Selling Book Psychological Analysis. Find Out What's Holding You Back & How To Get Ahead!

Destroy Your Mental Walls

Once You Identify Your Mental Walls It's Time To Destroy Them! Everyone Has Mental Walls & You Either Control Them Or They Control You. Let's Destroy Your Mental Walls & Thrive!

Improve Your Relationships,
(Especially Your Relationship With Money)

We All Have A Relationship With Money. Most People Have A Lousy Relationship With Money & They Don't Know How To Level Up. You Probably Made The Same Amount Of Money For The Past Few Years (or longer). I'm Here To Help You Break Through And Improve Your Relationship With Money (& Other More Important Things In Life)

Create A Winning State

Create A Winning State. We All Have Different States. Some Positive & Some Negative. Most Of The Time We Are On Auto-Pilot & We Are Not In A Winning State. Learn How To Take Control & Create The State You Want To Be In.

It's Time To Make A Decision...

Keep Doing What You've Been Doing & Hope Something Changes


Do The Smart Thing, Take Action, Book A Free Session With Adam To Learn How You Can Get Ahead

Get Structure To Improve Your Trading

Increase Your Performance

Improve Your Relationship With Money

Identify & Destroy Your Mental Walls

Adopt An Optimistic Outlook

Control Your Time. Learn How To Proactive Analyze The Market

* No Earnings Claims Are Being Made *All Trading Involves Risk *Results Vary & Are Not Typical*Results Come To Those Who Take Action *Read Disclaimer Below

No Questions Asked

My Money-Back Guarantee

I am 100% certain that you will learn something (or a few things) that I am offering 100% no questions asked full money-back guarantee.

If you don’t truly benefit from the coaching program and are not 100% happy with the program, just let me know within 90 days of joining and I will happily give you your money back – no questions asked.

Click below to start your journey and put my program to the test.

Join me for my weekly Live Q&As, take all the classes, read my #1 best selling book, Psychological Analysis, and watch the bonus material we’ve created for you. .

Go ahead and get started – I’m 100% certain you’ll be happy and if you are not, you get your money back, no questions asked.

Adam Sarhan
Host SmartMoneyCircle.com Show &
Founder Of FindLeadingStocks.com Newsletter

Make This Your Best Year Ever!


There's Always That Trader Who Beats The Market.
Be That Person.

Part 1: Psychological Analysis

Human Psychology

What Is It & How To Profit From It

Market Psychology

What Is It & How To Make Money From It

Make Smart Decisions

Learn How Reduce Your "Unforced Errors" & How To Make Rational, Not Emotional, Decisions

Market Insights

Learn Strategies To Help You Consistently Take Money Out Of The Market

Learn What Works On Wall Street

Unlearn Everything You "Know" And Learn What Actually Works On Wall Street

Market States

Learn What Market States Are & How To Profit From Them

3 Factors That Determine Market Prices

Spoiler Alert... Earnings, Sales, and Chart Patterns Are Not The 3 Things!

Fundamental Analysis Redefined

Ever See A Stock With Lousy Fundamentals Go Up? & Vice versa? Find Out Why That Happens Time And Time Again

Technical Analysis Redefined

STOP BUYING BREAKOUTS, Learn How To Get In Early (Before The Crowd)

Adam's 1st Commandment Of Trading

Learn What It Is And How to Use It To Thrive!

Global Macro Matters

Learn It And Learn The Power, Patterns, Cycles & Forces That Drive Markets

Adam's A.M.P.D. Investment System

Advanced Entry Points (Buy Early),
Market Trends (Get In Harmony With The Market, Stop Fighting It),
Psychological Analysis
Defense First

Develop Your Edge & Win

Learn How To Develop YOUR EDGE. So Simple, A 10-year Old Can Understand It

Part 2: Mental Capital


He Dives Deep (Assuming You Are Ready To Go There) To Help You Discover What Is Happening Inside Your Psyche, Identify & Remove The Psychological Baggage, and Thrive.

Smart Money vs Dumb Money

There Are Two Sides To Your Brain, The Smart Money Side And The Dumb Money Side. Learn Smart Money Habits and Drop The Rest.

Rewire Your Mind

Once You Understand The Two Sides Of Your Mind, You'll Learn How To Rewire Your Mind And Adopt A Winning Mindset!

Time Arbitrage

Stop Spending (a.k.a. Wasting) Your Time & Start Using (a.k.a. Profiting) From It.

Intellectual Arbitrage

Learn How To Outsmart Your (Former) Self And Your Competition.

Live Trade In The Now

Learn How To Drop The Emotional Baggage And Make Objective Decisions In Life & The Market.

Ever Hit A Wall? Smash It

Ever Hit A Wall Doing Something? Of Course You Have, We All Have. Adam Calls These Mental Walls And Shows You How To Destroy Them.

If You Have A Mind, You Have Cognitive Biases

Adam Shows You 21 Common Cognitive Biases That Prevent Us From Getting Ahead (And How To Pivot So You Can Bypass Them).

How To Overcome Common Psychological Pitfalls

He Shows You How To Identify And Overcome Common Psychological Pitfalls That We All Encounter.

Pain & Pleasure

Learn How To Turn Your Pain Into A FORCE That will give you MASSIVE PLEASURE.

Stop Being Comfortable In The Uncomfortable: Level Up, Learn To Be Comfortable With Success Build A Healthy Relationship With Money

What's Your Relationship With Money? Do You Attract It? Or Push It Away? How Does Money Feel About You? Life Is About Relationships - Learn How To Build A Great Relationship With Money.

Tell Yourself A New Story

We talk to ourselves more than we talk to anyone else. What story are you telling yourself? Want to change it?

Adopt A Winner's Mindset

Winners Don't Win By Accident. They Win Because Of The Deliberate Actions They Take. Learn How To Drop The L (loser) Mindset And Adopt A Winner's (W) Mindset And Thrive In All Areas Of Your Life (on and off Wall Street).

Upgrade Your Mental Software & Create A New You!

Learn How To Put All This Together To Drop The Old (negative) You And Adopt A New And Improved (Positive) Version Of Yourself. Live Your Dream Life, Right Now!

Over the next 52-weeks (1 hour per week) you will learn how to regain control of your life!

You have two choices:

Keep doing what you were doing, and hope things change (Einstein's definition of insanity)


Take action, sign up now, and take CONTROL of your money and your life!


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