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Fundamental and technical analysis are not enough.

If it was, everybody would beat the market.

That's why Adam introduced a third school of thought, Psychological Analysis for capital markets.

Psychological analysis teaches you how to make objective, not emotional, decisions with your money.



Basically, everything you need to succeed...

Wait...There's More

Everybody tells you to buy breakouts... we don't do that

Our 2 reasons why:

1. Most breakouts fail

2. You're late to the party

Instead, we buy Alpha Stocks EARLY (before they breakout).

What this all means for you is that we do things differently & that's why we get different results.

I can't wait to hear about your success stories.



Your service completely changed my trading. I went from a beginner with no trading system and losing money to developing a trading system based on the newsletter in less than a year. FLS newsletter saved me years of losing trades by speeding up my learning process exponentially. The win rate is incredible as I have produced huge profits. I now feel confident by using what I have learned from Adam and Mike’s charting skills to find and place my own trades. Also, Adam and Mike both have demonstrated that they sincerely care about each subscriber as demonstrated in the excellent customer support and the energetic and caring attitude seen in the newsletter and in videos.

Bob W


Over the past 3 months my portfolio nearly doubled the S&P 500 return over that period thanks to

Bryan B


The service has paid for itself within the first month. The information they provide is priceless... They follow the market closely and are always in communication with the clients. Highly recommend it to any serious investor/trader.

Ella P

Nutrition Expert, Food Villa

I have been searching for a service I can trust for several years and finally have found your service that actually teaches the ins and outs of trading with outstanding ideas. My whole family thanks you!!

Mark K

Software Developer

The service is great for finding great stocks and identifying proper entries to get in and stay in for the big moves. Other trading systems require watching a screen or frequent trading. This system can be followed with little time commitment.

David R

HR Manager

The service has allowed me to stay in step with the market and continue to invest my own money rather than handing it over to a financial institution. The only difference is I am making money! My account went up over 20% in the first year. Thank you Adam and I look forward to learning from you in the years to come.

Tony L



Exact Entry & Exit Signals

Every week you’ll know exactly when to get in & when to get out.

Simple Information

The information inside this weekly report will give you the unfair advantage you’ve been looking for. There are no complex charts, diagrams, or anything complicated. All the information is kept simple enough that a 5-year old can understand. EX: Enter Here. Exit Here. 


W +346.87% | AAPL +71.48%| AMZN +70.28% | CRWD +111.34%% | ADBE +136.90% | ISRG +70.63% | ZM +106.54% | SQ +44.77% | TSLA +124.84%

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Your new friend... that will help you make money

Adam Sarhan is a Forbes contributor (with ~4 million readers), Money Manager, CEO, and Father of 2.

If you think he looks familiar that's because you've probably seen him already,

He has been featured on almost every single major financial network in the world!

He has made his fortune navigating the market, and now he is ready to reveal his secrets with YOU!
Every week Adam will share this FLS report with you.

You get:

- A New report every week

- Easy "Buy Here", "Sell Here" signals

- Safe, risk free membership (Cancel anytime)

- Big, explosive stocks getting ready to blast off

Explosive Stock Picks

Every week, you're going to get alerted on 10 NEW stocks that are setting to break out with exact buy and sell signals!

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Jumping in before a stock moves is my new favorite thing in life. I enjoy the process of researching stocks, but I never understood myself. Now, I do, and Adam taught me how to get out of my own way.

Carmen K


Adam taught me how to make money in the stock market. Now I consistently take money out of the stock market, instead of put it in. I love it! I can’t wait to read his report every weekend!

Victor L


Making money trading used to be hard. Now it’s easy and it takes me less than 5 minutes every week, thanks to the excellent service!

Arthur D

Hollywood Producer

Adam showed me how to go from a fear-based trading approach to a confident one. In my first 90 days with Adam, I doubled my account.

Paul L


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