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At 50 Park we manage money for a living and provide actionable stock ideas to our members. We don’t tell you stories about turning $100 into $1 million. We believe in complete transparency when it comes to our method and activity right down to the penny. You not only get ideas, you get exact buy and sell orders for each stock we feature! Reuters, Bloomberg, CNBC call Adam and 50 Park when they want to know what is happening in the market. Imagine if Adam was sending the same priceless information to you. Adam is a contributor to Forbes and all over the major financial media.

Would you make a decision to buy or sell a stock from someone who promised almost impossible portfolio performance but wondered why you never heard of them before?

Did you do a simple google search on the so-called “guru” and were you happy with what you learned about the person sending big promises and carry predictions each week? Were you surprised you couldn’t find anything credible?

We strongly recommend everyone to “google” Adam Sarhan and 50 Park before signing up. Big investors conduct their due diligence and you should too. We are proud to pass due diligence from the largest firms on Wall Street and we are proud of our work and solid reputation on Wall Street. If you want more, click here to see how the media turns to us to see what’s happening each week. (all over the media)

Why Should You Have A Credible Source For Actionable Ideas

There is a massive gap between how individual investors use information and how big CEOs and portfolio managers use information at the large hedge funds. 50 Park’s mission since day one has been to Level the playing field and put the information available to hedge funds (with a small army of PHD’s and analysts) into your hands. So how do we do it?

First you need to understand our CEO Adam Sarhan. Adam manages money for a living and spend the last 20 years working with top fund managers at some of the largest family offices and hedge funds in the world. Over the years, large firms and the major financial media turn to Adam as a critical source for new ideas. Because of his stellar reputation and expertise navigating both bull and bear markets, Adam has become a source for actionable ideas on Wall Street. When the cameras are off, what breaking ideas are discussed? We think you should know. We know what stocks people are interested in, we know how to find leading stocks early.

For large funds vetting an idea is a 2-4 week process that includes technical analysis, fundamental data, and a stream of meetings with people familiar with the stock. This is how most successful hedge funds filter through information on Wall Street. Adam identified the majority of the process could be automated giving us the chance to provide the same level of service to the rest of the industry. Idea generation is one of the only spaces where the industry is choosing to keep the process manual and in the hands of analysts. We believe that is a mistake. Our proprietary system simplifies the decision making process and gives you all the tools necessary so you can buy leading stocks – early.

Why get trading advice from someone you’ve never heard of. Google our CEO and Founder Adam Sarhan and let’s get you set up for FREE training with one of the best minds on Wall Street and someone you can trust.

We don’t say we mentioned stock XYZ looked ‘Good’ or had a ‘BUY’ rating in January. If we featured a stock, we told you why and gave you the exact entry price that would trigger a new buy signal. Let’s take a closer look at our performance this year. We are going to show you the stocks we shared with our members the first week in January. The early entry charts they received, and proof from the media that published our ideas.

Click on the stocks below to see exactly what 50 park sent our members and added to our portfolio on January and access FREE TRAINING & FREE REPORTS TODAY!!!

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We don’t need to prove we can tell you when leading stocks are setting up to breakout. The largest financial media outlets do it for us.

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