Master This Skill and You Will Master The Market



In This Educational Seminar, You’ll Learn…


Piggy Bank

How To Manage Risk

Learn How To Overcome Common Mistakes Investors Make With Their Money.


Learn How To Analyze Risk

Learn actual real-world techniques to protect your portfolio.


How Much To Risk Per Trade

Learn how much of your portfolio to risk per trade.



ADAM SARHAN is the founder and CEO of Sarhan Capital, an investment and advisory firm that offers a suite of services to both institutional and individual investors. Adam coined the term Psychological Analysis for capital markets, which adds an additional component to fundamental and technical analysis. He is also well known for his “Advanced” Entry/Exit signals in leading stocks and in the global macro space. He is frequently quoted on CNBC, Reuters, The Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch and other popular media outlets. Adam successfully navigates bull and bear markets, understands what makes markets tick, and was quoted over 200x in the media over the past year alone.


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