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Absolutely. We get you up to speed quickly. Our content is brief and is written in plain English, making it easy to understand, and simple to execute.

The immediate return is in your knowledge, confidence, and peace of mind. Market returns ebb and flow. If the market is in a downturn, we let you know and our advice is to sit on the sidelines and wait. You wouldn’t plant seeds in the winter. We advice not putting fresh money to work when the market is in a downturn. When market conditions improve, we let you know and share which stocks are leading and setting up.

Both. Each member is free to do whatever they want with the information we provide.

No, we let the stocks run without putting a “limit” or “cap” or “target” on them. This way we can participate in the bulk of the move. Our goal is to capture the bulk of the move, not pick a top or bottom. Additionally, we will stay with them for as long as they are acting well. If they (or the market) begin to act wonky, we are out. We do our best to stay aligned and “listen” to the market.

We are not running a fund and we do not track that for compliance reasons.

5 minutes a week. If you want more, you can do more.

Adam focuses on PRICE first and everything else second. Adam looks at leading stocks (a.k.a. true market leaders, the strongest % change stocks in the market). Other folks look at many other variables.
Plus Adam literally wrote the book on Psychological Analysis – it was #1 every day for nearly 3 months on Amazon! We recommend people read it and watch some of Adam’s free educational videos here.

We do not publish or track performance for the Newsletter. What I can tell you is Adam’s retirement account was up nearly 50% in 2023 and has vaulted over 1600% since 2016! That means every $1 invested turned into over $17!

Yes – every time Adam publishes anything – member’s get an update instantly via email letting them know to log in to and read the report.

Stop Trading Alone. Get My Thoughts On The Market Each Week.