Cathie Wood Favorites and Stocks Trading Near Their 50 DMA Lines

Investor Cathie Wood, founder of the ARK Invest family of actively managed exchange-traded funds, has been on a hot streak, with all five of her ETFs more than doubling over the past year. A loyal Find Leading Stocks subscriber has compiled a list of the stocks in her funds. Among the companies listed: Tesla (TSLA), Workhorse Group Inc (WKHS), Greenpower Motor Company (GP), Velodyne Lidar Inc (VLDR), and Sunrun Inc (RUN). FLS subscribers can download a spreadsheet with all 75 companies.

ALSO: FLS founder Adam Sarhan has also published a list of companies currently trading at or near the 50 DMA line. First on the list: Luminar Technologies Inc (LAZR). Subscribers have access to 15 more.

New to Investing?

Here’s some things to know:

What is an Exchange-traded Fund?

An exchange-traded fund or ETF provides a way to buy a group of stocks or bonds in one transaction. ETFs are often managed and include a group of curated investments designed to balance investors goals and risk tolerance. Unlike mutual funds that are traded once a day after the market closes, the price of an ETF fluctuates throughout the trading session and can be bought and sold just like a traditional stock. 

What is the significance of the 50 DMA Line? 

The 50 DMA Line is a stock’s 50 Day Moving Average.  While a stock chart will look like the jagged spine of a mountain range, with lots of ups and downs, the 50 Day Moving Average looks more like rolling hills. Sometimes a stock price goes above the 50 DMA, sometimes it falls below. The 50 DMA is a common trading indicator, and big institutional investors frequently use it as a buy/sell signal. For private investors, the 50 DMA provides a good risk vs. reward entrypoint for a stock.

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