Most Portfolio Managers Have A Hard Time Getting Ahead &
Do Not Have Access To Research From The Big Banks.
We Fill That Void.


What We Do:

We help portfolio manages beat the market. We Give You Intelligent & Actionable Ideas That Are Designed To Make You Money & Save You Time

How We Do It:

Use Advanced (a.k.a Early) Buy & Sell Signals That Get You In & Out Before The Move Becomes “Obvious”

How It Works:

Advanced vs Classic Buy Points


“There is Always That One Person Who Beats The Market. Be That Person.”
–Adam Sarhan

“Adam Made The Best Point…” Maria Bartiromo – Closing Bell

What You Get:

  1. Intelligent Ideas: Our only job is to make you money. If we do not provide you with intelligent ideas in the market, you are free to cancel anytime (as there are no contracts). We understand this is a performance based-business and are here to help you successfully navigate bull and bear markets
  2. Better Research: We employ a discretionary long/short strategy that is profitable in both bull and bear markets (chart below)
  3. Advanced Signals: Receive our advanced (a.k.a early) entry and exit signals in real-time
  4. Objective Feedback from our Founder Adam Sarhan: Get objective feedback on your investment ideas and market outlook
  5. Facts, Not Opinions: All our investment ideas are fully transparent, unbiased, and based on market action, not someone’s opinion
  6. Trend & Theme Analysis: Always know which trends and themese are leading and lagging the market
  7. Leading Stocks & ETF’s: Always know which stocks and ETF’s are leading the market
  8. Pivot Points & Breakouts: Get exact entry and exit points
  9. Advanced Screens: Receive advanced screens in real-time
  10. No Contracts: Excellent risk/reward ratio. Cancel anytime if you are not completely satisfied


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Sarhan Capital’s Advisory Service is an invitation-only service that is designed for institutional clients who are looking for an edge in the market. We notify our clients with current investment opportunities, trends, and themes as they develop each week. For years, our clients participate in the firm’s objective and fact-based outlook, which has one goal: provide you with intelligent investing and trading ideas. If we don’t, you are free to cancel anytime (no contracts). Sarhan Capital provides both Global Macro and All-Cap U.S. equity Advisory Services to institutional clients around the world.

Sarhan Capital’s consulting arm allows clients to participate in the idea generation process and be privy to many of Sarhan’s best ideas long before they are highlighted in other publications. Many institutional clients including hedge funds, private family offices, brokerages, registered investment advisers, and corporations, have turned to Sarhan Capital for personalized advisory/consulting services in recent years.

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