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Want Better Results In The Stock Market?

Find & Own Leading Stocks, Right Now

What You Get:

  1. Advanced (a.k.a Early) Entry & Exit Signals In Leading Stocks (not available anywhere else)
  2. New Trade Setups w/Annotated Charts Each Week
  3. Weekly Report of Leading Stocks
  4. Intra-week updates (based on market action)
  5. Open access to our portfolio managers, led by our founder, Adam Sarhan, for extra assistance
Plus Bonus Reports: 
  • Always Know The 20 Strongest Stocks of The Year
  • Stocks breaking Above/Below Important Moving Averages
  • Special Reports That Can Not Be Found Anywhere Else
  • 100% Freedom- Cancel Anytime, No Contracts & Excellent Service
  • & Much More!
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Make Money & Learn How To Navigate The Stock Market

No-Risk Guarantee: If You Don't Like Our Work, You Are Free To Cancel Anytime (For Any Reason, As There Are No Contracts)
Your Max Risk is Under $3/Day. Your Max Reward Is Potentially Unlimited.
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Trade Like Wall Street Legends
Such as: Jesse Livermore, Stan Weinstein, Nicolas Darvas, and Bill O'Neil

FLS follows a similar philosophy and tells you what it is buying, when, and at what price. The service also tells you what it is selling, when, and at what price.
The number one reason why people join FindLeadingStocks (FLS) is because they make money from our workIf you don't make money from our work, you are 100% free to cancel anytime (no contracts).

72% Of People Who Visit This Page Buy The Monthly Plan

Only Join, If You Want To
Find AND Own Leading Stocks Now:

Media & Client Testimonials...

  • "Right up there with Roubini and Whitney, Sarhan is one of our most trusted sources."- Wall Street Journal, New York
  • As a journalist, I’ve always been surprised how prescient his market calls have been, and often wondered how much money I would make if I were an investor following his calls.”- Reuters, New York
  • "I've been a client since 2005. Sarhan gets it, more importantly he makes me money." -John Porter, Chicago, IL
  • "Performance is king and Sarhan knows how to perform!" - Joesph Martino, Rome, Italy

Not Joining Can Be Costly, Especially In A Bull Market.

For Under $3/day, Why Wouldn't You Place This Trade? 

Results Are Results, Period.

The S&P 500 is up a a few percentage points this year. At the same time, our clients have captured several large double-digit gains in the market's strongest stocks. Here are a few recent examples of what you will get if you decide to join. Imagine how much better your mental and physical capital would be if you owned just one of these stocks:
NFLX: +17% (in two weeks)
AAPL: +24% (In a few months and still climbing)
TSLA: +32% (under 90 days)
FB: +26% (Still climbing)
GOOG: +15% (from our most recent purchase)

3 Secrets To Beating Wall Street 

Secret No. 1: Own Leading Stocks

Secret No. 2: Make Rational, Not Emotional, Decisions

Secret No. 3: Respect Risk

FindLeadingStocks Helps shows you how to do all three each week!

Psychological Analysis 

You've heard of Fundamental & Technical Analysis, Adam Sarhan, our founder/CEO, coined the term psychological analysis for trading markets. Our thesis is that price is a function of perception, everything else is secondary. Adam is frequently quoted in large international media outlets including: CNBC, CBS News,,, etc.. (here

Unique Value Proposition: 

Make Money from our work. If not cancel anytime (no contracts). 
What are you waiting for? Join now


100% NO-RISK GUARANTEE: A Great Risk/Reward Ratio!

We can not guarantee your success in the market (no one can, if anyone tells you they can they are lying) but we can guarantee you will be 100% happy and learn from our reports. Sign up today, if, for ANY reason, you do not like the service, you are free to cancel it at anytime (no contracts) and we will provide a FULL (no questions asked) refund in the first 30 days on your annual membership. Additionally, you are free to cancel any plan at anytime or switch to any other membership level- 
All you have to do is send us an email. We only work with people who want to work with us and our primary goal is to help you achieve financial freedom from Wall Street.

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